Friday, July 27, 2007


Please pray for me and my son. There seems to be a lot of things coming against us right now. I have been fighting for custody of my son who is now three for close to 2 years. During this time he has moved twice with his mother. He had a breathing problem similar to asthma and recovered. Now a doctor has said that they think he has a speech delay and possible autism spectrum disorder. I received the news by letter from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. It was recommended that he be placed in a program for these things, he should immediately be placed in preschool and that he should have a hearing test done. Unfortunately none of those things have happened yet. I can't do it because of the time when my son is with me nobody is in the offices. The magistrate over the custody case has until I believe august 20th to make a decision on custody. He said back in April his mind was made up and it looked very good for me but with it taking so long all I know to do is continue to pray and ask for more prayer on behalf of this situation. Also Ohio passed a law known as SB117 which cripples Public Access Television. I work in public access so I need prayer that God would open the doors that He has for me for a job and God willing to be able to serve full time in christian writing/television industry. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tough Times

I have been very busy as of late with a great deal of changes going on in life. Ohio passed a law that will go into effect on Sept. 23, 2007 that will cripple public access television. I currently work in public access and it's a very difficult time now for everyone involved. I have been expecting word on my custody trial for my son. It could happen any day and the magistrate seemed to be ready to send my son to me full time, he currently stays with me 3 days a week. Despite the True Ghost Stories from Ohio series not being a very Godly project I have learned a great deal and plan to apply it in all my ministries. I preached my first Sunday sermon last month and look forward to what God has for me and my family. Please pray for me and my son that we walk according to God's will not man's will and that we walk through the doors he has opened.