Friday, February 26, 2010

Life is moving along

March 4th I turn 30. Hard to believe that much time has passed. Looking at my son I know that it has. I've been busy switching computers, changing Internet connections and finally getting back to writing.
I'm winding down to the end of small town coroner but maybe it will never end. There are always adventures ahead though.
I lost all my work on the novel I've been working on and it's been a struggle to get it moving again. I've one paragraph done. I know the story but getting it written is proving to be a real challenge.
My two poetry ebooks are taking more time than I expected. I'm pretty awful at formatting them correctly and I've found a friend to undertake that. I am very anxious about getting them out. Mentally I'm very geared up for the promotion of them both. I also look forward to working with I know I can trust them and it's not always that way I'm learning the hard way.

Life is going very well and I'm excited about the direction God is taking me. Please keep me in your prayers. It can often be hard staying focus on Him with so many things going on.